Season 2: Cape Fear Legends & Lore

This season will use “Stories Old and New of the Cape Fear Region,” Louis T. Moore’s famous tome of local legends as a guide to myth-bust some Colonial-era lore that is still shared throughout the Cape Fear. Tales this season include the “tunnels” underneath Wilmington, the origin of the Burgwin-Wright’s longtime nickname as the Cornwallis House andthe iconic history of the Dram Tree.

Prologue Episode

For the new season of "Burgwin-Wright Presents...," we are cracking open the chapters of Louis T. Moore's "Stories Old and New of the Cape Fear Region" for a season titled "Cape Fear Legends & Lore." First published in 1956, the seminal local history book is a collection of legends and traditions that have defined the Cape Fear region since the Colonial period. Each episode this season, we will revisit a chapter in Moore's book to examine what's fact and what's fiction.

Before you start the new season, we wanted to introduce our listeners to Louis and why his dogged work to preserve local history inspired this season in this special Prologue episode.

Episode 1 - Wilmington in the Time of Cornwallis

The new season, "Burgwin-Wright Presents... Cape Fear Legends & Lore," begins with a story right in our backyard – the myth of Cornwallis Headquarters in Wilmington.

During the American Revolution, did Lord Cornwallis, commander of the British army, stay at the Burgwin-Wright House will he was in Wilmington in 1781? The house has been known for centuries as "Cornwallis Headquarters," but is it true? We explore the fact and fiction of the legend with guest Bert Dunkerly, historian and author of such books as "Redcoats on the Cape Fear."