At the Burgwin-Wright House, we often get questions about ghost stories and strange experiences. In a 250-year-old home built on top of the city's first jail, it is understandable why people might ask! So we thought it would be interesting to talk about not only the ghost stories at the Burgwin-Wright House, but also those at other historic sites in the Cape Fear. But we are doing it with a twist. No ghost story just materializes out of thin air, so we are investigating these stories through the lens of the real history that inspired them and talking with local historians about how they might be helpful in preserving this history for the future.

Episodes include historic sites like Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site, Bellamy Mansion, Latimer House, Wilmington Railroad Museum, Thalian Hall Center for the Performing Arts and others.

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Episode 1: The Burgwin-Wright House

This season on Burgwin-Wright Presents..., we are chasing down the Haunted Tales of the Cape Fear and talking about the history behind these persistent stories. What gives a good ghost story its credibility? There's no better place to start than at home with the Burgwin-Wright House. With museum director Christine Lamberton, we look at how the dual history of the city's first jail and its grandest Colonial home has come to inform centuries of spooky encounters and what they say about the house's history.