Burgwin-Wright Presents... is a podcast that explores the riveting stories of North Carolina's Cape Fear region through the history of one of its oldest Colonial historic sites – the Burgwin-Wright House and Gardens in Wilmington. Each season of the show focuses on a new theme that mines three centuries of history that spans the formation of the American Colonies to the modern day. Burgwin-Wright Presents... will explore the fact vs. fiction within the stories that have defined the Cape Fear region and Wilmington’s oldest history site.

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Outlander in the Cape Fear
"Outlander in the Cape Fear" uses the beloved book and television series “Outlander” as a guide to share the Colonial history of North Carolina, specifically in the Cape Fear region. Diana Gabaldon’s book series and the Starz TV series explore Wilmington and North Carolina’s role in the lead up to the American Revolution, and the podcast plucks characters and events out of the story to tell the real history behind them. To learn more and listen, click here.



Cape Fear Legends & Lore
Inspired by “Stories Old and New of the Cape Fear Region,” Louis T. Moore’s famous tome of local legends, we will myth-bust some Colonial-era lore that is still shared throughout the Cape Fear today. Tales will include the “tunnels” underneath Wilmington, the origin of the Burgwin-Wright’s longtime nickname as the Cornwallis House and the iconic history of the Dram Tree. To learn more, click here



Haunted Tales of the Cape Fear
This season, we explore the ghost stories associated with the historic sites of the Cape Fear -- but with a twist. Ghost stories do not just materialize out of thin air. So what is the real history behind these stories, and how might they help us preserve the past for the future? Each episode features conversations with historians from sites including Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson State Historic Site, Bellamy Mansion, Latimer House, Wilmington Railroad Museum and others. To learn more, click here.